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i have a confession to make. you know when i’ve arrived at your wedding location and we’ve started the day? The forecast isn’t showing much favorable weather being on our side ? Yes, when you approach your photographer and say, hey what’s your plan? where are we shooting? In this case, Me…i smile, i am filled with empathy and compassion, I have a plan in my mind, you see on the way to you my brain was figuring out all the favorable light with the nearest windows, balconies, tented porches, assistant holding umbrellas, play God for a second, you name it…there you have it we have a plan. All will work out, all is well…But deep down i am just as scared of not finding the perfect light to pour into our photographs, or perhaps our subjects won’t want to risk getting wet or dirty shoes and all the wrongs that can happen…then i take a step back…I smile, i am filled with the desire to give the experience of once in a lifetime. Seeing all of these past photographs during the worst of weather has given me a new found appreciation for my craft. As much as the rain used to scare me during a wedding shoot, it has given me a new perspective and a renewed confidence that no matter what we may perceive as negative factors are much like what magic is made of. You see, during this time we loose the sense of being self conscious in front of the camera we cave into our primal instinct of self protection and preservation…a raw emotion…and that is exactly what i look for in the most perfect image tailored just for you. 

With that said, i hope you will enjoy these few favorite images from our instagram weekly posts, dedicated to #rainyweddingdayweek Much Love, Xoxo Ina 




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