Hi there! My name’s Ina, i am a Long Island wedding photographer. I absolutely love what i do and the people i meet in my line of work have kept me excited and so interested in photography for the past 8 years. With the new decade in full swing and a crazy busy wedding season my mind has been so much on color palettes, styles, looks and those delicious details i love so much…i wanted to share a few wedding trends we’ve come across this year. Keep in mind to always stay true to yourself and your own personal style, unless you feel that you might want to embrace 1 or 2 of these super awesome ideas for your own wedding

1- Sustainable weddings

Although keeping the environment in mind shouldn’t be just a trend, more and more couples are opting for green weddings to lessen the impact on the planet. Some event productions can take days sometimes weeks to set up from design and fabrication of the tents to seeting up kitchens where they never existed before… and even drinking water from plastic bottles. Floral designers are taking some of the biggest strides by cutting down the use of foam in flower arraignments and also recycling flowers wherever possible. My photography studio is now also offering eco friendly wedding albums for the eco friendly couples.

2- Feel good energy

2020 seems like a time for all things spiritual. From wellness focused showers to bachelorette events to after parties where guests can have their fortune told by a tarot reader. Think wedding ceremonies with a spiritual infusion and interactive gestures with blessings that bring the guests into the vow exchange.

3- Luxury engagement session

Having a stylish engagement session has always been a tradition and it can serve us wedding photographers as a warm up with our clients, help us build a raport if you will. But this year we will be elevating things a bit. Think of this time as a time for fun and play. Take a risk on a style that doesn’t suit your wedding day but one who matches your personality and easily allows you to move freely..or whatever it may be, whatever you do let your hair down, get dressed up and be ready to explore the many facets of your personality through the lens. wether we stay local or pack up for a little getaway to an exotic spot the possibilities are endless.

4- Liquer bar

Think of a specialty liquor bar. Or perhaps you’re a champagne connoisseur. Treat your guests to your favorite spirits either at the reception or as an add at the after- party. The possibilities are endless

5- Wedding videography

It’s no longer a question of “should we have a videographer” but rather who’s the talented videographer we will be working with. And as of today i am happy to say that we offer videography services which will be carefully edited to match the style of the photos as well so we can ensure cohesive and breathtaking footage.

6-Bold uses of color

Gone are the days of the neutrals and i am so excited for that. Get in touch with your personal style and set the design accordingly.


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