5 steps to create your dream engagement session

You’re engaged! Congratulations! I can’t think of a better way for this celebratory moment in your lives then a perfectly planed photoshoot, don’t you agree? But where do you start? there’s so much to do…from what to wear to where you should go…this is why we came up with a quick guide to the most perfectly planed engagement photoshoot. Let’s start shall we?

1. Pick a place that reflects your personal style. Whether you’re an adventure-loving pair who likes to spend free time hiking uncharted trails or you’d rather be snuggled up with a movie at home… make sure your engagement photos reflect what you love to do as a couple! Don’t ever feel like your photos need to look a certain way – if you want to set up a fort in your living room, get tangled up in twinkle lights and snack on junk food during your shoot – then by all means… GO FOR IT!

2. Wear something you’re comfortable in. This means if you feel your best in stilettos and a knock-out gown, then wear stilettos and a knock-out gown. If your vibe is more jeans and a t-shirt, then yup… you guessed it, rock those jeans and t-shirt! One of the most important things to remember when styling your engagement photos is making sure that when you look back on them in however many years – you still see you.

3. Choose a photographer whose photography style will best capture your love. When you start your search for your dream engagement photographer, take a good look at their style of photos. Are they bright and airy? Moody and romantic? No matter what they may be, keep this in mind when deciding which style will be the best fit for capturing your unique love.

4. Incorporate furry friends. (Our personal favorite) If you can’t imagine not including your furry friends when celebrating this exciting time – then totally bring them along to your session! Trust us, they will love every minute of it and the pictures will turn out to be too cute for words.

5. Lastly, relax and have fun with it! If we could only give one piece of advice to our readers on the topic of engagement photos, it would be to relax and just enjoy it! Don’t worry about learning poses you’ve seen on Instagram or looking perfect, just be yourselves and get comfortable! We guarantee any photographer would agree. And the more playful, the better… that’s how you’ll get those priceless shots!

We hope you enjoyed our happy couples during their happiest moments shared with our lens

Xo, Ina


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